Sample Page

I’m Joma, I make videos on YouTube for people who want to get into the tech industry.

I’ve worked in software engineering, data science and product management in various Silicon Valley companies. I take that experience to teach my viewers how to get into tech and make data and computer science approachable. I also try to incorporate humor into my videos to make educational content more engaging and fun. Link to Joma Tech Channel

Content Type

My videos are mainly about life in Silicon Valley working in tech and different careers in tech like data science and software engineering. The videos mostly fall into one of these buckets:

  • Interviews with experienced professionals

  • Lifestyle video/vlog of silicon valley

  • Educational (Data Science/Software Engineering)

  • Tech Satire


Type of Partnerships

Currently I offer the following types of partnerships:

  • Integration: Shoutout/Mention a product or service in your content for 30s to 90s (Starting at $3k)

  • Affiliate marketing: Earning a commission from a product or service

  • Dedicated upload: The content is completely dedicated to featuring a product or service. (Starting at $10k)

Message me for rates as they can change depending on demand (the prices listed are minimums). Below are examples of the sponsored videos I’ve created.